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If you would like to read the full thesis it may be accessed here.


The Spoils of my Quest

My Quest: to discover what the ‘faith’ bit of ‘faith-based organisations' (FBO) actually meant in practice.

​This culminated in several years of academic research.

This website is my way of sharing the results of that research with the widest audience possible.


What did I discover?

I was amazed at the variety of ways faith could impact or influence FBOs…

I soon learned that faith wasn’t necessarily a ‘stand-alone’ influencer – (an independent variable …) but that its effect was often nuanced as it inter-connected with other factors, for example, the context in which the FBO worked.

But an honest assessment also obliges me to say that FBOs varied widely in how far they consciously or intentionally drew on their faith.

But I was also able to discover why the role of faith is so misunderstood and underestimated (or to use a word so wonderfully coined by George W Bush - 'Misunderestimated' ) – and why my thesaurus was so redundant.

The spoils of my quest are grouped into several themes which will be explored further in the coming weeks and months.

But meanwhile, here is a clickable smorgasbord to whet your appetite...