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Keeping Faith in 2030: Religions and the Sustainable Development Goals

Report published in 2019 by the University of Leeds.  It sets out the findings and recommendations of a two year research project which was a collaboration between the University of Leeds, the School or Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and the Humanitarian Academy for Development (HaD).

An excellent report which echoes many of the themes in this website.

This project was premised on the observation, that in the world of development, there has been a ‘turn to religion’ over the past 5-10 years, with public institutions and governments now seeing FBOs more as an asset than a problem.  But in parallel to this is a self-confessed lack of understanding among those groups about religions.

Well worth a read for any wanting to increase their understanding of how different faiths engage with development and the SDGs

Need more convincing? The following is an excerpt from the Executive Sumamry:

'While faith communities have endured and thrived the world over, a wave of modernist, secular social change has dominated development practice and discourse from the second half of the 20th century onwards. It had been previously anticipated by a number of scholars, development practitioners and others that religion would become outdated and eventually obsolete. However, faith communities, actors and assets continue to occupy a critical space. Accordingly, development discourse and practice today acknowledges the significant role that religion plays in this area'